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My name is Simon Edwardes.  I am married with two children and I live in Gloucestershire.

The inspiration for this website comes from my ambition to climb all the 2000ft (610m) mountains of England and Wales on the Nuttalls list.  My first target was to climb the highest 100, which I completed in July 2002.  Next I aimed for all the Nuttalls over 2500ft, which I achieved in August 2007 (the addition of Castell y Gwynt to the list meant I had to visit this, in July 2010, to reclaim the above two achievements).  In September 2015 I finished everything over 700 metres, and I'm considering my next target.   My progress to date is:-

I have completed 100 of the highest 100 mountain summits of England & Wales.

I have completed 135 of the 135 mountain summits of England & Wales over 2500ft.

I have completed 221 of the 221 mountain summits of England & Wales over 700 metres.

I also try to bag County and Unitary Authority tops whenever I pass one en route to somewhere else, and have set myself a secondary goal of visiting all the Marilyns in England and Wales.  If you would like to see my progress, sign in to the website using username:webmaster and password:readonly - the mountains displayed in red and blue in the Mountain Search results and map pages are the ones I have visited.

In 2009 I joined the editorial team of the Database of British and Irish Hills, and have worked with them (Graham Jackson, John Barnard, Chris Crocker, George Gradwell, Dave Marshall and Jim Bloomer) to add new lists of hills, and to merge our databases.

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Please contact me with any comments about this site.  Please report any user logs you spot which could be regarded as offensive.  Landowners are welcome to report any user logs which could be regarded as encouraging trespass.

The highest mountain in Great Britain is Ben
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Cheers, Simon Edwardes

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