43: Armagh, Down and Antrim 44: Londonderry, Tyrone and Fermanagh 45: Donegal to Sligo 46: North Mayo 47: Connemara to South Mayo 48: Clare, Limerick and Cork 49: Dingle Peninsula 50: Iveragh Peninsula 51: Beara Peninsula to Clear Island 52: Kenmare to Macroom 53: Tipperary 54: Waterford, Kilkenny and Carlow 55: Wicklow 56: Central Lowlands
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The regions, with their names and numbering are taken from
The Hewitts and Marilyns of Ireland by E D "Clem" Clements.

The Dillons

A Dillon is a hill in Ireland over 2000 feet (610m) which appears in Paddy Dillon's book, The Mountains of Ireland.  There is no criterion for re-ascent (drop), so it is subjective list with a small number of differences between the Dillons and Hewitts.

(Dillons appear as Class=Dil on this website).

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Thanks to Paddy Dillon - I highly recommend his website and book, The Mountains of Ireland, (ISBN-13: 978-1852841102).  The list of Dillons are reproduced from this book by his kind permission.

Thanks too to Jim Bloomer for his hard work in cross-referencing the Dillons with other lists, and filling in the blanks in the data.