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The regions, with their names and numbering are taken from The Relative Hills of Britain by Alan Dawson.

The Marilyns

A Marilyn is "a hill of any height with a drop of 150 metres (nearly 500 ft) or more on all sides".  So it is a hill which is relatively high compared to its surroundings.

A subMarilyn is a hill which just fails (by up to 10m) to qualify on the drop rule, i.e. drop of 140m to 149m on all sides.

The Marilyns are so-called by the list's compiler, Alan Dawson, after the more famous mountain list - the Munros.  Alan's original list is of mountains and hills in Scotland, England, Wales and the Isle of Man.  The same concept was applied to Ireland by E D "Clem" Clements

Anyone who has climbed 600 British Marilyns or more is eligible for entry into the Marilyn Hall of Fame.  Anybody wishing to make a claim should initially contact the Membership Secretary, Chris Watson, at

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(Marilyns appear as Class=Ma on this website, and subMarilyns as Class=sMa).

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Thanks to Alan Dawson - I highly recommend his website, and book The Relative Hills of Britain, published by Cicerone Press.  The list of Marilyns are reproduced from this book by his kind permission.

Thanks also to Clem Clements and Dave Hewitt for their TACit Tables booklet, The Hewitts and Marilyns of Ireland, (ISBN 0 9522680 8 6).