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The Nuttalls

The definition of a Nuttall is "any summit of 2000ft (610m) or more which rises above its surroundings on all sides by at least 50ft (15m)".

I have also included the "deleted" tops, which just fail to qualify on either the height or difference rule.

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(Nuttalls appear as Class=N on this website, and the "deleted" tops as Class=xN).

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Pillar Rock

The Nuttalls list includes Pillar Rock which cannot be ascended without rock climbing equipment - click on the link for details of a route of ascent.


The Nuttalls are named after John and Anne Nuttall, from the list of mountains in their excellent books The Mountains of England and Wales volumes 1 and 2, published by Cicerone Press.

The list of mountains and names of mountain areas are reproduced from these books by their kind permission.