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Number of Irish hills with no logged ascent10
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What's New - recent changes to this website
 General advice/courtesy:
  • Plan your route so that, where possible, you avoid going close to other's properties
  • If there is a debate about access, perhaps a graceful and prompt retreat would be the best course
  • When recording ascents think carefully about what you record
  • Remember some summits may be inaccessible, even if on a list
1st Apr 2024The mapping used on the website now uses the Leaflet/OpenTopoMap interface to provide topographical maps.  You can also toggle to OS maps using the Leaflet/Ordnance Survey Data Hub interface, but there are annual usage limits on this so please use this option sparingly.
9th Mar 2024Work is commencing to update the Hill Bagging website platform
The initial priority is to underpin current functionality with more modern technology. In the longer term we plan to make gradual improvements.  This effort is being undertaken by Simon, Dave Chaffey and Toby Thurston supported by Denise McLellan and Jim Bloomer.  If any users would like to join a small group to input views or provide technical support, please contact us by 26th March via the Contact page.
2nd Mar 20241 Tump deleted.
1 Tump with correction to county and section due to previous summit relocation.
21st Feb 2024Mapping and functionality for Hills by County now restored.
Mapping and functionality for County Tops now restored.
Mapping and functionality for Islands, Catchments and Watersheds now restored.
Mapping and functionality for hill lists by Section now restored.
27th Jan 20241 new Tump added.
1 Tump and 1 Dodd/HF/Tump deleted.
1 Irish Subsimm added.
1 Tump and 1 Simm/Tump with significant summit relocation.
23rd Oct 20233 Tumps (incl 2 Marilyns) with significant summit relocations.
4 SIB additions and 3 deletions from SIB v.18 revisions. tmaI7m9Ksf13
1 Carn deleted.
29th Jul 2023Data is aligned with v18 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH). For further details, see the revision history.
24th Jul 2023Seager Hill (Marilyn/Tump) swapped to its south-eastern top.
18th Jul 2023Ethels list added.
High Hills of Britain list added.
Cumbria county/UA split into Cumberland and Westmorland and Furness following the administrative changes on 1st April 2023.
Scafell Pike and Helvellyn become the county/UA tops for Cumberland and Westmorland and Furness respectively.
Lundy is now a multi-Tump island.
12th Jul 202312 new Tumps added.
2 Tump reinstatements.
1 Tump replacement.
16 Tump deletions.
1 SIB/Tump deletion and 1 SIB reinstatement.
1 Submarilyn addition and 1 deletion.
1 Subhump addition and 4 deletions.
1 Simm/Tump/CT demotion/deletion.
6 Subsimm additions/reinstatements and 2 deletions.
1 Dodd/Dewey/Tump deletion and 1 Dodd deletion.
11 new Subdodds and 1 new s4 added.
11 Subdodd deletions and 1 reinstatement.
5 s4 deletions and 1 reinstatement.
18 hills with significant summit relocation.
1 new Irish Subsimm and 4 new Irish Subhumps added.
3 Irish Subsimm deletions.
2 Carn deletions.
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